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Drive Away in Luxury With A New 2019 Audi At 2018 Pricing

There's never been a better time to order your 2019 Audi and get locked in at 2018 pricing.

Don’t miss your opportunity to find the perfect Audi where luxury meets performance so you can enjoy every minute on the road.

About The Audi Military Program
For over 60 years Military AutoSource (MAS) has provided our customers with direct access to the widest range of military programs available to active duty military, civilian, DOD employees, and members of the diplomatic community stationed outside of the United States.

We are the factory authorized military distributor of U.S. specification Audi vehicles. When you buy from MAS you gain access to exclusive benefits. Choose to have your vehicle delivered overseas in Europe or stateside when you return home.

2019 at 2018 applies to select Audi models.

This promotion has ended. Thank you for your interest.

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