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Audi Car Program for the Military

We offer unique benefits and special pricing on Audi vehicles for deployed U.S. military serving overseas. 

Exclusive Overseas U.S. Military Benefits

Get your exclusive military pricing today.

We offer unique benefits and special pricing for deployed U.S. military serving overseas. Please provide your information below to confirm your eligibility, receive a price quote, and explanation of benefits tailored for you.

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Audi Sales Locations

Military AutoSource (MAS) offers the full line of Audi vehicles available for delivery overseas or stateside. Audi cars (sedans, coupes, and cabriolets) and SUVs can be custom ordered or purchased from local inventory. Locations offering Audi vehicles in Germany include Ansbach, Baumholder, Grafenwöhr, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, Spangdahlem, Stuttgart, Vilseck, and Weisbaden. Audi vehicles are also available in Italy at our locations in Aviano, Sigonella, and Vicenza. Other MAS European sales locations include Lakenheath in the United Kingdom and Brussels in the Netherlands.

Audi Vehicles

Audi A series sedans anchor the brand’s line up of vehicles known for their combination of luxury and performance. Today, Audi sedans are flag-shipped by the sleek A8, featuring a powerful V8 engine, all aluminum construction, and finely finished interior. Three other models round out the line: the compact entry-point A3, and the popular mid-line A4 and full-size A6 models.

Audi’s performance vehicles may be best known for the company’s aggressive R8 and RS8 exotic super cars, but the company’s performance philosophy is expressed equally clearly in the other variants of sedans, coupes, and sportbacks which carry the “S” and “RS” monikers. These amped up rides are replete with more horsepower, specially tuned suspensions, sports appearance touches and more.

If you’re looking for a SUV, Audi has you covered there as well. The Q series spans four models from the compact Q3 targeted at new luxury buyers and urbanites, to all new and highly popular Q5, up through the ultra-luxe, big and bold flagship, the Q7.