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Explore the MAS Vehicle Lineup

Download the Military Buyer's Guide for a comprehensive look at the lineup of cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and off-road vehicles available with your exclusive military car buying benefits. When you purchase a vehicle through Military AutoSource you access exclusive benefits and safeguards not found anywhere else.

Learn more about custom building the vehicle of your dreams, planning for your PCS, sell or trade options, and more. You can even enter to win some awesome Jeep prizes in our Jeep Gear Giveaway.

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Created By and For the Military

Military AutoSource is the only Exchange authorized car buying program for over 60 years. In the current automotive market, microchip shortages have driven supply down and prices up so your overseas car buying benefits have never been more important.

Buying through MAS means:

  • Pricing ALWAYS below MSRP
  • World's largest inventory reserved only for the military community
  • Custom order to your exact specification, factory direct
  • Overseas and stateside delivery
  • Lock in pricing and rebates, so you'll never pay more
  • No penalty if you have a change in your military orders