A car buying program you can rely on.
Especially during these uncertain times.

As an Exchange partner for almost 60 years, we've worked with service members as they manage through the routine changes and challenges that come with military life. 

So despite the hardship brought on by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis, our commitment to serve the overseas military community is unwavering.  With that mission in mind, we want you to know about your everyday program benefits that may become more important in the days ahead. 

Remote Sales and Support
Even when our base locations are closed, we have sales and service representatives around the world ready to help answer questions, manage an upcoming delivery, or help plan a purchase - whether you need that vehicle now, or later. Even if you don't quite know when "later" will be.

An update on our locations: As an early sign of the worst being behind us, some restrictions are beginning to ease and some of our locations on-base have reopened. As we proceed with resuming business at these locations, we’ve put added precautions in place to ensure your visit and shopping experience is as safe as possible for you and our associates.

Location on base in Chievres is open.

Locations on base in Ansbach, Baumholder, GrafenwöhrHohenfels, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, SpangdahlemStuttgart, Vilseck, and Wiesbaden are open. (Hours vary by location)

Guam: Andersen AFB, Marianas and NCTAMS locations have reopened for regular hours of operation.

Holland: Location on base in Brunssum is open.

Italy: Locations in Aviano, Naples, Sigonella NAS 1, Sigonella NAS 2, and Vicenza are open.

Atsugi, Iwakuni, Misawa, Sasebo, Yokosuka, Yokota and Zama locations have reopened for regular hours of operation.

Camp Casey, Camp Humphreys, Camp Osan and Camp Walker locations have reopened for regular hours of operation.

Okinawa: Kadena, Camp Foster, Camp Hansen and Camp Kinser locations have reopened for regular hours of operation.

United Kingdom: Locations in Lakenheath Commissary, Lakenheath Main BX, Mildenhall, Molesworth and Alconbury are open. Please note: Alconbury is by appointment only.

Delayed Delivery Protection
If you need to delay the pick-up date of your vehicle, either overseas or stateside, we will take care of it. We will work to either hold your vehicle in place or have it re-routed if needed.

Low Minimum Deposit Requirements
Our goal is to help make your new vehicle purchase possible. Getting the right vehicle for your budget and needs, and delivering it when and where you need it. And so our deposit requirements are as low as $300.

Price and Rebate Protection
From the day you place your order you're protected against any price increases between the time of order and delivery. And if offers and incentives improve, you are eligible for those as well! So, if you're unsure about when you will be able to deliver, you have this added peace of mind.

We stand ready and we're here to serve you. 

Contact us to find out more about your benefits, or to start planning your vehicle purchase.

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